Timing of Late Quaternary glaciations throughout the Himalayas

The Parvatti Valley, northern India.


Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
The University Collaborative Research Program (University of Califormia)

Project Summary

I worked on this project while I was a post doctoral researcher at the University of California/Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

This project focused on 10Be and 26Al dating of boulders on moraines and glacially-scoured bedrock in the Lahul Himalayas. Due to a lack of suitable material for 14C dating, age estimates on glacial advances in this region were previously based on TL and relative dating techniques.

Publications resulting from this research

Owen, L.A., Finkel, R.C., Caffee, M.W., and Gualtieri, L. 2002. Timing of multiple glaciations in the Late Quaternary in the Hunza valley, Karakoram Mountains, Northern Pakistan: constrained by cosmogenic radionuclide dating of moraines. Geological Society of America Bulletin 114 (5): 593-604.

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Owen, L., Caffee, M., Finkel, B., Gualtieri, L., Richards, B. and Spencer, J. 1999. Timing of Late Quaternary glaciations throughout the Himalayas. Geological Society of America Program with Abstracts. Denver, Colorado.