The Extent and Chronology of Pleistocene Glaciations in Kamchatka, Russia

Our home for one snowy night in the Sharomskaya valley, central Kamchatka

Collaborators Oxana and Lyn on a glacial erratic boulder in the Adrianovka valley

More photos from the field season

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Project Summary

This project strives to investigate the nature, extent and chronology of Quaternary glaciations in Kamchatka. With the exception of a few radiocarbon age estimates, insufficient data are available for realistically assessing the numerical age of past glaciations. The main objectives of our research are to reconstruct former glaciations through mapping and to obtain a robust chronology using cosmogenic isotopes, lichenometry and radiocarbon. The new data will allow for the reconstruction of paleoenvironmental histories that can be compared with other regional chronologies, paleoenvironmental records and marine stratigraphies of the North Pacific.

The following talk was presented at the AAAS annual meeting in Boston (February 2002)

Gualtieri, L., and Savoskul, O. The Extent and Chronology of Quaternary Glaciations on Kamchatka, Russia.

Check out this article in the May 31, 2002 issue of Science

Science article


Quaternary Research Center, University of Washington
Kamchatka Scientific Center, Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences