The geometry of the last Svalbard/Barents Sea and Scandinavian ice sheets

Drilling into a granite erratic for cosmogenic isotope dating on Amsterdamøya, NW Svalbard

Otto, Lyn and Jon


Research Council of Norway

Project Summary

This is part of the Past Climates of the Norwegian Region (NORPAST) project. Samples were collected in May 1999 and 2000 from western Svalbard for cosmogenic isotope dating in order to assess the western extent of the Late Weichselian Svalbard-Barents Sea ice sheet.

Publications resulting from this research

Landvik, J.Y., Brook, E.J., Gualtieri, L., Raisbeck. G., Salvigsen, O. and Yiou, F. 2002. The Late Weichselian Ice Sheet Along Western Svalbard: Ice Free Areas Existed. 32nd International Arctic Workshop, Program and Abstracts. Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, Boulder, CO

Landvik, J.Y., Salvigsen, O & Gualtieri, L. 2001. Geometry of the last ice sheet along the western Svalbard margin. Geonytt 2001: 70-71.

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